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I Redraw Norah's Lava Jellyfish [VIDEO]

After I posted the video of me redrawing my daughter's whiteboard ghosts, I invited readers to send in their kids art so that I might do the same thing with it. I received this drawing of a smiling jellyfish from four-year-old Norah and fell in love with it's groovy smile.

Norah's mom guessed "OHT" meant "hot" but we realized later this was Norah's attempt at spelling her name.

Watch the video to listen to me and Norah talking about the creature as I redraw the thing in time-lapse. The video is 5 minutes, but this piece of art took about an hour to draw.

If you enjoy art like this, any time I do it I like to make sure to mention the Monster Engine, where Dave Devries has mastered the art form of rendering the art of kids.

Next week I hope to finish the Bill Weevil story, so if you have an idea for how it should end, please send your ideas in to!


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