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VIDEO: Redrawing My Daughter's Whiteboard Ghosts

I found these ghosts left on the whiteboard about two years ago by my step daughter Lily and I loved them so much that I snapped a picture, planning to one day do what I did today. I wanted to draw my own version using her shapes.

This is something that is done masterfully by Dave Devries over at The Monster Engine. I highly recommend checking out his art if you have not seen it. He does fully painted renders of creatures drawn by kids.

I decided to attempt to video capture the process, along with badly recorded narrating. I apologize for the quality here, but I will learn as I go and the next video will be better, promise! For now, if you like watching things take form, this may or may not be interesting to you.

And here is the finished product...

If your child has drawn something you'd like to see me redraw, submit it and maybe I will agree.

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