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Into Space

Ok, here we go. Third installment in which two more things are sent down the tube.


Yes, they are on the phone with their own creator. What will I say? Find out next time. In the meantime, send something down the tube by commenting on this blog. A few pointers:

  • Overly complicated ideas will clog the tube and never make it through, so keep it simple.

  • Stuff that could actually influence the story slides through the easiest

This is open to all ages, so if you have an idea, throw it in. Just comment here or go to the submit page and let me know what you would like to send down the tube. It could be anything. A note, an animal, a machine, a meal. You decide. If I used something you submitted, please share this! Hey, even if I didn't sharing never hurt anyone. Thanks for reading.


Please be aware of our submission policy when suggesting content.


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