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Big Story Chapter 5: Finding Fuzzy

I didn't have much to go on for this next Chapter, then Xander and Cash sent in an excellent contribution and saved the day!

Chapter 5

Finding Fuzzy

The Lonely Cat Man's Wife's name was Fuzzy (Mason, age 7)

She worked at a volcano. (Xander, age 4)

A volcano is a job where you really gotta watch your step.

They went to the volcano to talk to her about the fight she had with her husband, but she was too busy.

They run a tight ship at the volcano.

So Donedee the shark and a red ninja helped the Cherry family to put out the lava with lots of water so that the wife would have to come out and meet them. (Xander, age 4)

How did Donedee turn good? Who knows. I suspect he was never bad, he was just having lunch on a merry go round.

When Fuzzy came out, they invited her to go to Disneyland with the husband because it's magical. (Cash, age 3)

You caused a meltdown at the volcano and destroyed my job... wait are these Disney tickets?!

When she met her husband at Disney Land, they had him give her a blind surprise bag with a toy train inside because she likes trains. (Cash, age 3)

Let's go kiss on the Matterhorn, just like old times.

After that, they were back in love, and decided the boy could watch the boy movie, and the girl could watch the girl movie. (Mason, age 7)


The decision we must make now is do we want to keep telling the story of the Cherry Family, or start a new one now? This could be the end of a chapter, or the story itself. I'm up for either. (Edit: it was later decided that this was indeed a perfect ending. Our next story picks up here.)

By the way, I always enjoy getting art. I didn't have a place for this in the narrative, but Mason explained that Fuzzy got her name for her ability to sprout a bunch of hair and became fuzzy. Here's the picture he sent. Thanks Mason!

Every man's dream.

If I get enough responses for what the Cherry family should do next, we'll keep this going. If not, I'll call it done and we will start a new story. Some possibilities to consider:

  • What is the story behind that tiny pet abominable snowman?

  • Is there another mission the Cherry Family must go on?

  • Do they have their own plans, like a vacation?

  • What kind of things do they build in their treehouse?

Thanks for reading! -Ethan

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