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Bill Weevil Chapter 6: Bleed 100 Bloods [VIDEO]

How's that for a dark title? Well this week's chapter of Bill Weevil comes via Parveneh, age 5. I did things a little different this week. I called Parveneh and I let her write this chapter. I did my first ever edited video in Adobe Premiere, so I apologize for the wrong aspect ration, and my bad video which came as a result of some kind of setting on my skype recording software. I'm learning. Regardless, this is a really funny video and you really get to see the process. You don't even need to read the story below, but I will include it as well. Here's the video:

Bill Weevil and the Purple Egg

Chapter 6

After Bill left, the owner of the dump came out and saw the monster in his junkyard eating flies.

He yelled, "Hey monster! I will kick you in the butt!"

Then he said, "I'll throw you out of the junkyard in a little baby cage!" So he put the monster in a little cage and tossed them, shouting, "I'll have to throw you in the water so the crocodiles can eat you!"

So Bill came back to check on the monster and he found him dead, killed by the crocodiles.


"Just kidding!" shouted the owner of the dump. He laughed and laughed. He had played a trick on Bill.

The owner said he actually liked having the monster there to eat his flies.

But Bill decided to take the monster home and keep him as his own pet. It turned out that he had a secret stash of 100 flies in his garage.

These flies could bite you so hard that you would bleed 100 bloods. Bill put the creature in the garage with the flies and they bit him and bit him.


Just kidding! The flies actually were nice flies who just wanted someone to eat them.

But when Bill ate all 100 flies, something crazy happened. He got super fat and he pooped out a baby.

Now Bill had two monsters to take care of and no food for either of them!


What happens next? Submit your idea and you might write the next chapter.

  • Will Bill ever get to Australia?

  • How does Bill feed the creatures? Do they still eat people?

  • Does this interfere with Bill's job at all?

Please submit answers, drawings and any ideas here by Friday July 22nd at midnight to make it into the next chapter. However, many ideas can be used later in the story, so if you miss the deadline, send your ideas anyway.

Thanks again to Parveneh and her mom, Magan for Skyping with me.

Please share this post with your friends, especially those with kids with wild imaginations, and thanks for visiting RMSC!


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