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Monster Pets: Dog Cat Shark Rainbow

I know my step daughter, Lily (age 9) is getting a lot of air time lately (if you missed it, check out You Sketch, I Sketch with Lily) but she gave me a great Monster Pet, and to be honest I haven't received a lot of contributions for the Big Story's latest installment. If you haven't read it, please check it out, the last chapter was my favorite so far, and quiz your kids about where they think the story should go.

For today, we have another Monster Pet. I love these and I welcome them. If your kids have one, submit it here. Lily created this the moment she saw this web site for the first time and I've been excited to share it.

My Pet

by Lilianna

age 9

My pet's name is Super Awesome Cutie Pie Shark Girl, but I call her Penny for Short. She is a cat/dog/shark/rainbow. I use her to get to school when I'm gonna be late and the school bus already left.

She can breath microwave heat, and when she is full she can breath fire. When she looks at bad guys she first freezes them, then makes them into good guys. Sometimes she sleeps to recharge her eyes.

When I need to find her I push a button that is wirelessly connected to her collar. It wakes her up and lets her know I want her. If she wants me, she uses her powers to make me float to her.

She lives in our garage with a lot of newspaper, but sometimes when she needs to go to the bathroom, she goes to the local dump. (Sometimes she bumps the car on the way out of the garage because she's so big).

Her poop is rainbowy and if you rub it on your eyes, it makes you not blind, and it makes the garbage at the dump smell good.

She is from God. God took off one of his hairs and made her, because God is awesome.

That's all for now! As always, if you enjoyed this post, please share it and consider buying or reviewing my books on Amazon.


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