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Sing Me A Story

Sing Me a Story is a website where kids who have fallen into bad circumstances have their stories submitted and turned into songs by musicians. You could call it Rocket Monster Sing Along if you wanted to (they probably like their name better).

This web site was first introduced to me by my brother, Isaiah, who followed in my footsteps as a rocker but never laid down his electric guitar as I did. He made a couple songs for the site which I will post below not because he is my brother, but because they are literally awesome and hilarious. The site showed up again in one of my feeds in this article.

Here is an example of one of the submitted stories. This one is called "Cactus" by a boy named Trevor.

My brother's cowboy rendition of this story is pretty much perfect. Listen to it here.

He did another one that my kids got so obsessed with it I had to beg them to stop listening on repeat. It is really catchy, it's called Cozy Koalas.

Browse the site and donate if you feel so inclined, and share it. I love what they are doing.


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