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Batman & Axe Cop VS the Scribble Zombies with Ezzy

One of my most popular blogs on this site so far was You Sketch, I Sketch with Lily, where I shared a portion of the sketchbook I started with my step daughter,Lily when she was five. If you missed it, check it out and make sure to do the slideshow because the captions make it.

Today I am going to share some things from Ezra's book. We did these in 2012 when he was barely 3 years old. In all of these I used Ezra's scribbles to tell stories or draw characters he told me to turn the scribbles into. If he drew a scribble and said that was a cow, I had to turn it into a cow. It became a fun collaboration and the results are pretty entertaining. (I will warn you that there is some silly violence in the following images, heads being chopped off of zombies for instance, but it's not graphic.)

So for instance, here's Ezzy Batman, which I assume means Ezra as Batman:

Batman's greatest nemesis: bad posture

Also there's Fooky, this thing...

And what would make a great title for a Japanese bootleg of Pacific Rim...

Along with single drawings, we did stories too. Here is a story about a monster and a snake:

Once there was a big, mean monster in his house, drinking monster soda.

But Ezzy the good snake snuck into his house with a big laser shooting gun.

Ezzy shot the monster with lasers.

To celebrate, Ezzy ate his favorite food, which is called "snake housing".


And now our Feature Presentation!

There was another project we did where Ezra wanted to tell a story about Axe Cop and Batman fighting zombies, but he just wanted to draw the zombies. So we did, and it is awesome. Please excuse its scribbly nature, but much like the original Axe Cop, it was never intended to be posted publicly. It just turned out to be too perfect not to. Under different circumstances I think Ezzy could have been a great candidate to carry the torch of Axe Cop after Malachai moved on.

If you have a tough time reading my sloppy writing, I'll type the text beneath each image.

Axe Cop and Batman VS. the Scribble Zombies!

Caption: One night...

(Batman spies a gang of purple zombies coming at him in the distance) Batman: Huh?! You're not gonna get me, zombies!


Caption: Batman flew to the roof. But the zombies climbed up a rope.

Zombies: Brains!

Caption: He called Robin on his phone!


Caption: Robin drove SUPER FAST in his car!

(Robin drives to the city) (sign reads "The City")

Caption: He did a jump to the roof. He landed in a box. Zombies: Brains! Batman: It's a trap! Caption: The zombies ate their brains. Zombies: BRAINS!!!

Caption: Axe Cop drove in his monster truck, but he went the wrong way.

Caption: Meanwhile, Robin and Batman became zombies. Caption: So he went the right way.

(Axe Cop runs over and chops all their heads off)

Axe Cop: I'll chop your heads off!

SFX: Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!

Caption: He even chopped off the boss's head. SFX: CHOP!

Axe Cop: What the heck?! (Axe Cop sees blue blood all over his axe)

Caption: Axe Cop noticed the zombies had alien blood. Turns out they were ALIEN ZOMBIES.

Caption: Then Axe Cop sees Batman and Robin as zombies. Axe Cop: Hey! Turn back into humans!

Caption: So they turned back into humans because Axe Cop told them to. END.

And that's that. I appreciate Ezra's idea that Axe Cop could command someone not to be a zombie and they would obey. It fits the world.

As always, if you enjoyed this post, please share it! And if you have any feedback for the current Bill Weevil storyline, I am still looking for submissions to continue the story. Thanks for reading!


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