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You Sketch I Sketch with Lily

Early on, when I was dating the woman I am now married to, I bought two sketchbooks for her two kids who are now my step kids. Lily and Ezra. I bought them their own sketchbooks too, but these ones were for us to draw in together, and to create art that was an interaction on paper. One of my favorite sequences in Lily's book I'll call You Sketch, I Sketch. It is sort of like the game "Telephone". She or I draw something, then the other one tries to draw that person's drawing just as they drew it. Some of the drawings ended up going through several transformations in the process and some of them are downright hilarious.

If you try this with your kids I would love to see the results (submit them here!). Have fun with it, keep it light. One might think that an exercise like this would point out Lily's imperfections in her art and discourage her. But on the contrary, she seemed driven to draw as wild and as crazy as she wanted. She actually loosened up and stopped trying to copy me exactly because it was more fun seeing what we got if she went wild with her renditions of my renditions.

There are so many of them, and I love them all. So I am posting them all in a gallery. I highly recommend reading the titles and captions in order for full effect. Just start at the first one and keep clicking next.

If your kids want to try this, have them draw Banana the Hamster and send it in. I'll pick one or two of them and do my rendition and send them back.

That's all for now. I'll share some more gems from the kids' sketchbooks from time to time. This is one of my favorites. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this blog, please help this web site out by sharing this post, subscribing to the email list and buying/reviewing my books on Amazon! -Ethan

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