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Bill Weevil Chapter 4: Eating People

Thanks to Ian (age 6) and Norah (age 4) for contributing to this chapter.

Bill Weevil and the Purple Egg

Chapter 4

The creature with the purple eyes ate Bill's neighbor and his fluffy little dog, but he didn't stop there. He went on to eat an old lady named Margaret.

"No, don't eat Margaret too!" Bill shouted.

The creature with the purple eyes kept on eating people. He ate the mail man, a jogger, a mom pushing a stroller and three soccer players. No matter how much Bill yelled, the creature just kept on eating people, slurping them up with his stretchy tongue.

Finally, a policeman came over when he saw the creature eating people. "Stop eating people!" shouted the officer. But the creature ate him too.

"This has to stop!" Bill yelled. Then he realized that there was no one else around to eat. The creature looked at Bill with his purple eyes, then licked his lips. "Oh no," Bill said. "You're going to eat me now, aren't you."

The creature opened its mouth and shot its tongue at Bill. Bill shut his eyes and covered his face, expecting to be swallowed.

But the tongue missed Bill. Bill couldn't believe his luck. Instead, the tongue had caught a fly. The creature swallowed the fly and got a big smile on his face.

"You like flies!" Bill said, taking deep breaths to calm himself down. "Good! Yes! Eat flies!"

Bill realized he needed to hurry up and find the creature a bunch of flies to eat so that he would stop eating people! "Now, where to find some flies!" Bill said.

What happens next?

  • Where does Bill find flies?

  • Is there any way to get the people back, or did the creature eat them for good?

  • Does Bill take the creature home?

Kid's answers are favored, but all answers are considered.

Please submit answers, drawings and any ideas here by Sunday July 10th at midnight to make it into the next chapter. However, many ideas can be used later in the story, so if you miss the deadline, send your ideas anyway.

And thanks to Ian and Norah for keeping he story going. I liked this picture Norah (age 4) sent of the creature eating lots and lots of flies...

Thanks to everyone who has sent in ideas.

Please share this post with your friends, especially those with kids with wild imaginations, and thanks for visiting RMSC!


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