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Listen to Parry Gripp, Thank Me Later

The search for music that kids and parents can enjoy together can be hard, and while some may not agree with me on this, Parry Gripp (from the band Nerfherder) makes songs that are hilarious and catchy and our family pretty much unites in joy every time his music is on the stereo. Even better, they are all free online.

This is just one of about 6 billion songs he has written. He has such a crazy devoted fanbase that pretty much every song he writes has multiple fan made music videos. My friend from highschool who is now a band teacher told me he had students do an arrangement based on "It's Raining Tacos". He makes the kind of songs that stick in your head and make you smile. He definitely knows how to write a hook, and there are songs that, even though we've heard them hundreds of times by now, still make us laugh.

I could go on, but you really should just listen to him with your kids and see what happens. I listen to him on Spotify mostly, but he has albums available, free downloads of all his songs on his site, and you should check out his Youtube channel while you're at it. There are a lot of music options for kids that can grate on your ears if you are a parent. For us, Parry is welcome in our stereo any time.

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