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How To Make Monster Snot!

It's simple:

1. Find a Monster with a cold

2. Give him your hanky so he can blow his nose

3. Politely ask him to return the hanky

4. Once he's gone, open the hanky

5. Play with his Monster Snot!

For those of you who don't have the good fortune of knowing any Monsters here's what you'll need:

- 1/4 cup basil seeds (You can find these at Asian markets for a couple bucks)

- 16oz cornstarch

- 2.5 cups of water

- Food coloring of your choice

- Tiny marshmallows

Mix the basil seeds and cornstarch really well in a big bowl.

Add a generous amount of food coloring to the water, then pour it into the basil seed/cornstarch mixture.

Mix everything together for a good 5 minutes, until your snot gets really thick and hard to mix.

*You can start with a whisk, but we've found that hand-mixing works best.*

While hand-mixing, add food coloring to the boogers! I mean, marshmallows, and toss 'em in.

Once the mixture is nice and thick, play with the Monster Snot!

Like all bodily fluids, Monster Snot is 100% natural, so it's okay if your

Little Monsters eat it.

But, be warned: it's not very tasty. What do you expect? It's Monster Snot!

Now it's your turn! Make some Monster Snot with your kids, friends, or to find out if your new girlfriend is a keeper. When you do, be sure to send pictures or video of the awesomeness to

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