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Monster Pet! Coffeesoap

My first post to this site was the great Meat Unicorn. I have decided to call these entries "Monster Pets" because I have received multiple entries depicting kids riding on creatures.

This edition comes from J. Kennison, age 8. Here is the picture he sent me:

I love the random jumping one eyes cat things and the unique take on wings. Also, the hat is a nice touch. I wasn't sure what the thing on the side of its head was, so I made it an arm.

Here is my drawing, along with his description of his Monster Pet.


by J. Kennison, age 8

My pet, Coffeesoap is a tiger but he looks weird and he does weird stuff. From his horn comes out a lot of bones. And then dogs come and they eat the bones and then they attack the bad guys.

When he dies he'll give me his horn and wings and dogs.

That's Coffeesoap! I appreciate that bond Coffeesoap has with J, that he is the main benefactor in his will. Thanks J, for sending that in. If your kid has a Monster Pet, or any other crazy ideas, submit them!

Tomorrow I'll post the next chapter of the Big Story, so if your kids have any more input from Chapter 3, please send it in. And as always, if you enjoyed this post, please share it and consider buying or reviewing my books on Amazon.

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