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Featured Creators: Mason & Connor

I'm pleased to announce the first official profile of two of the members of the Rocket Monster Story Club, brothers Mason and Connor. You may have seen their contributions in our first Big Story, the Cherry Family Saves the Lonely Cat Man.

Thanks to their dad, Chris for getting us this exclusive interview with the first two heroes to join the Rocket Monster Story Club!

Hero name: The A-mason Mason

Alias: Mason, age 7

From: A different dimension, through a portal. A Batman dimension, which is an awesome dimension. There are ton of villains and lots of heroes.

Powers: Invisibility

Arch-nemesis: An alien who can fly and make multiple of himself.

Weakness: Mommy taking 50,000 pictures of me per day.

Rocket Monster Pet:

My little buddy that helps me fight by heatray vision!

Favorite thing: Having fun.

Hero name: Cottonya!

Alias: Connor, age 4

From: California

Secret Powers:

  • Cotton candy powers

  • Saving people from eating treats

  • Don't forget I have gum power and chicken power!

Arch-nemesis: My friend Cottonya, the bad guy.

Weakness: Cleaning up my room.

Rocket monster pet: A doggie.

Other modes of transportation: A flying potato chip.

Favorite thing: Going to a party.

Exclusive Interview

Q: What’s your favorite animal?

The A-mason Mason: I like dogs and cats.

Cottonya!: Lions because they have sharp teeth.


Q: If you could make any animal awesomer, what animal would you change, and how?

The A-mason Mason: I would make them all big-medium. (about 5 feet tall by 10 feet long)

Cottonya!: Give a zebra fire stripes


Q: What was your favorite adventure?

The A-mason Mason: The one with my dad.

Cottonya!: The one with a tiger trying to find campfires

Grrr. Where the heck did that campfire go?


Q: You two are the best super heroes out there. What would you do to improve other heroes that already exist?

The A-mason Mason: I would make Superman be able to disappear and reappear anywhere he wants. If there was a villain on the other side of Earth, he could use that power to get to him.

Cottonya!: I would make Batman have tree-smashing powers


Q: You once battled a bearded baby. What was its name?

The A-mason Mason: Baby Beard

Cottonya!: Beard Baby

The A-mason Mason: Baby Beard

Cottonya!: Beard Baby

The A-mason Mason: Baby Beard!

Cottonya!: Beard Baby!


Q: OK let's not get in a fight. Which president do you think would be the best at fighting aliens? How would he fight them?

The A-mason Mason: George Washington would use a space army. It would be the same army he used in the revolutionary war, but they would be space-ready.

Cottonya!: Mark John. I made that guy up. He would fight the aliens with swords.

Here's President Mark John fighting those wretched aliens off with his weapon of choice: swords!


Q: What is a "bulbadootch"?

The A-mason Mason: It's like a bull that says “badootch!"

Cottonya!: Yeah, and it's like a cloud.


Do you have any advice for our readers?

Cottonya!: Driving to a party is the best thing ever.

Aaawwww YEAH!

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