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Monster Maker #1: Monster Mermaid [VIDEO]

When I sat down with Parveneh to work on the latest chapter of Bill Weevil, I also spent some time with her creating this bizarre mermaid monster. It is definitely one of the strangest things I have ever drawn.

Before I get to the video, though, I want to say that I hope the videos have not dissuaded people from submitting ideas. I haven't received any Bill Weevil submissions since the video post, and I would like to get that story done. So please, send me your ideas for the story.

I think it would be good to find an ending for Bill Weevil, so send me in your ending. Even better, send me a video of you telling me your ending idea and maybe we'll do our own Skype session.

For today, I'm posting the first Monster Maker video, of what I hope to be a fun and ongoing series. In it, I simply start asking a kid questions and a character takes shape as we talk. Often the results are quite strange, which makes my job even more fun.

If you would like to do a video like this, send me an email and tell me why you think you are a great choice. If you get a kick out of this video, as I did, please share it with your friends.

And here is the finished product:

Please be aware of our submission policy when suggesting content.


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