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A Big Experiment

I created this web site because I wanted to do an experiment in creative interaction. My goal is to make a fun, safe web site for kids to visit and engage in creative ideas, where ideas are freely shared and combined for the joy of making stuff up. Along the way, I want to teach about writing story, drawing pictures, and the fun of parents and kids creating together. Here are some of the ways I want to do this:

The Big Story

I am going to start a story and invite kids to comment and send in ideas. I will update the story as often as possible, and along with the story, I will post blogs featuring the young creators who contributed their ideas to the story. We will take it as far as it goes, then perhaps end it, create another, or start a new story. At all times, I want to have a story that the active members of Rocket Monster Super Club are creating with me.

Rocket Monster Blog

On the blog I want to feature short stories, drawings and contributions from young creators. I want to feature characters submitted by kids, and invite professional artists to do renditions of them. I'll feature content that may not make it into the big story but is still awesome.

Articles and Activities

I will post articles about creating with kids whether you can draw or not. I'll post activities for kids to try and feature results on the site.

Live Creative Sessions

I will host live video sessions in which your kids can interact, ask questions and learn as I draw live on web cast.

I have many more ideas, but these are the kinds of things I want to be doing here at Rocket Monster Story Club. The only way to pull it off is with the help of parents and kids who want to make up something crazy with me. Are you in?

Please be aware of our submission policy when suggesting content.


The Big Story

The Blog

Activities & Articles

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