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What is Rocket

Monster Story Club?

I created the comic Axe Cop with my little brother when he was five and I was twenty nine. I did it because I loved creating with my little brother, but it became an unexpected success and changed my life forever. Since making Axe Cop, many parents have presented me with their own children's creations and I wish I could draw them all.

I created Rocket Monster Story Club because I wanted to create a place where kids and parents can see creativity in action and be part of it. They can submit their own ideas, post comments that actually affect the story, learn and construct stories, and see them transformed and translated through my contribution and the input of others. I want to draw as many ideas as I can, and bring in other artists as well. I want it to be a creatvity free for all.

How Does it Work?

With Axe Cop, the point never was to create a franchise character to sell toys or TV shows, the point was the fun of creating. That's what this site is about. Here are some ways we will do that:


The Big Story

The Big Story will be an ongoing story that is written by us (that includes you, if you want to join in). I will post blogs that present items in the story and club members will be invited to throw their ideas in either by commenting or submitting written ideas or drawings. I will choose from among those submissions and keep the story moving, posting an ongoing tale. The story will run its course and we will name it, then start a new one. Along with the story itself developing will be the story how how to story came to be, something we will experience as an all ages creative community.


Activity Blogs for Kids and Parents
Not everything will revolve around the Big Story. Sometimes I'll post something that stands on its own, so submit anything. Maybe your kid drew a picture of a meat-eating unicorn. That's perfect.


I will also invite members to engage in activties, where I post a question or idea and then feature the creations that spring out of it. For instance, one week I might invite everyone to submit their drawings of the coolest animal combinations they can think of. I'll draw my own rendition of my three favorites and post the rest in a gallery. Maybe one of those creations will turn into its own story. 

Interactive Teaching

I will also post blogs with lessons on story telling, drawing, character development, and other elements of the creative process, all geared toward kids. I will make myself available to answer questions and interact, and post up the results of these lessons so that we can all see the cool stuff getting made.


I will also do live video chats, drawing demonstrations and other special events as things develop. 


Do you have to join the club to become a member?

No, this is not an official club. There is no membership, dues, subsciptions or any of that. You are part of the club the moment you join in by commenting, submitting an idea or sending me an email with a suggestion. All ideas are welcome as long as they are sent in the spirit of making something awesome.

I do plan on setting up a Patreon page for this project, and once that is going, Patreon supporters (people who donate an amount of their choosing regularly) will get exclusive content and interactions. But that is still in development.

With such a broad range of possibilities it is hard to boil down a few simple point about what Rocket Monster Story Club is. The point is, let's make stuff and have fun doing it. I am hoping that, as this site grows, what it is will be very apparent by simply browsing the content created here. Time will tell.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.



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