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Bill Weevil Chapter 5: Follow the Path of Stinky

Thanks to Lily (age 9) for contributing to this chapter. This story is written by me and readers like you, and especially kids if you've got them. Just tell me where you want to see the story go next!

Bill Weevil and the Purple Egg

Chapter 5

Bill used his long Weevil snout to sniff the air. He was trying to find something stinky that the flies would be attracted to.

Mmm. Stinky stuff.

He found a smell and took the creature with the purple eyes with him. They ended up at the City Dump.

"You can live here and eat all the flies you want!" said Bill. The creature seemed happy and so did Bill.

What happens next?

  • Is this the end? Will Bill ever get to Australia?

  • Does Bill ever come visit the creature?

  • What does the owner of the dump think of a creature living in his junkyard eating flies??

Kid's answers are favored, but all answers are considered.

Please submit answers, drawings and any ideas here by Sunday July 17th at midnight to make it into the next chapter. However, many ideas can be used later in the story, so if you miss the deadline, send your ideas anyway.

I've had some kids ask what a weevil is, so here you go, this is a boll weevil, which is what Bill Weevil is.

Looks just like him right?

Please share this post with your friends, especially those with kids with wild imaginations, and thanks for visiting RMSC!


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