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Big Story Chapter 4: The Lonely Cat Man

I love where this is going. It has all those things I love about stories made up by kids. A combination real sweetness and heartbreaking tragedy. Thanks to everyone who contributed this time around, I think this is a nice combination of responses. Some of you sent in very similar responses, which was interesting.

Chapter 4:

The Lonely Cat Man

The Cherry family went to the man's house who sent them the box full of bad guys, to find out why he was mad at them.

He had a lot of cats. (Ally, age 10)

It turned out that the guy played a joke on them to get them to come to his house so he could have them over for dinner. It was a surprise birthday party for their hamster, Banana. (Madilyn, age 7)

His name was Tim. (Ally, age 10)

The Cherry family thought this was very nice. "How did you know Banana's birthday?" asked Emily. Tim said he just looked it up on the hamster birthday calendar.

But Martha said that Banana isn't from earth and no one knows his birthday. She got Banana on one of her space missions.

Martha flies in outer space and conquers alien planets when she is a crime fighter. That's how she found Banana. (Grant, age 7.9)

She destroys planets by turning into a mom dragon and breathing fire on them. (Parveneh, age 5)

(With the money she makes from conquering the planets, she hires construction companies to build cities on them.) (Grant, age 7.9)

Realizing they had figured out the inconsistencies in his story, Tim jumped up and ripped off his mask, revealing he was actually a psychopath cat person who is half cat and half man. He has a cat named puffball that breathes fire like a flamethrower. (Ally, age 10)

He had lured them in because he didn't want superheroes living in his neighborhood. (Ryan, age 5)

He also had a machine that turns people into cats. He wanted to turn the Cherry family into cats to add to his collection. (Ally, age 10)

Then he told them the story of what had made him so mad that he turned into a bad guy.

He said that his wife left him because they couldn't agree on a movie. The movie his wife wanted to watch was called "The Girly Girl Movie for Girls". The movie is all about why girls like to have lipstick. The movie he wanted to watch was called "the Man Movie". It was about why men like monster trucks. (Ezra, age 6)

They couldn't agree so she left him and he became a bad guy named the Lonely Cat Man. (Ally, age 10 & Ezra, age 6)

The Cherry family got into a huddle. Emily thought they should help him find his wife and make up with her so he could be a good guy again. Shooter thought they should fight him and send him to jail.


What do you think the Cherry family should do?

  • How will they find his wife and convince her to go back to him?

  • What if it doesn't work, then what should they do?

My favorite submission this week came from Ally, who was the genius behind the whole "cat man" thing. She sent me this drawing of the cat man with his cat flamethrower which I am in love with.

Also, full disclosure here, the contributor Ezra is my step son. I love the bad guy back story he came up with.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. If you enjoy this site, please share it (links below), and Buy or review my books on Amazon.


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