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Bill Weevil Chapter 3: It Hatches!

Thanks to Ian (age 6) and Dylan (age 10) for this week's ideas. Check out their art at the end of this blog. Rather than credit them per line in this chapter, I'll talk about each of their ideas at the end.

Bill Weevil and the Purple Egg

Chapter 3

The big, purple, egg hatched. Out came a creature with a long neck and purple eyes. It looked like it was part frog, part ostrich and part dragon. "What is this, some kind of alien?!" Bill shouted.

Suddenly it stood up. Its legs were much longer than Bill expected. Then it spit out a long, sticky tongue that shot out like a whip and grabbed a lamp.

"Put down my lamp!" Bill yelled as he tried to tug it away from the thing's sticky tongue. Once Bill got the lamp away he set it down and said, "that's enough trouble out of you," and he kicked the long legged, sticky tongued, purple eyed creature out of his house.

"Go eat someone else's lamps!" Bill shouted.

The creature ran out into the street. Bill was about to close his door when he heard someone shouting, "Help! Help! This thing is trying to eat me and my fluffy little dog!"

Bill ran out to find that the creature was trying to eat one of his neighbors. "Stop!" shouted Bill, "Don't eat that guy, he's not your food!"

Now Bill didn't know what to do!

What happens next?

  • Does Bill try to stop the creature? How?

  • Does Bill tame the creature or does it run wild?

  • Where do you think the creature came from? What do you think it is called?

Kid's answers are favored, but all answers are considered.

Please submit answers, drawings and any ideas here by Sunday July 3rd at midnight to make it into the next chapter. However, many ideas can be used later in the story, so if you miss the deadline, send your ideas anyway. I can't wait to see your responses!

As I mentioned, this chapter's ideas came from Dylan and Ian. They both sent in ideas for what the creature in the egg is like and I combined the ideas into one creature.

Ian said, "Inside the egg was an alien robot frog that flies and eats people." Ian sent this drawing (I love getting art!) My favorite feature was the long frog tongue shooting out of his mouth.

Dylan said the creature should be "a dragon, but it had ostrich feet, an ostrich beak, and ostrich eyes!" This is where I got the idea for the purple eyes and the long neck and legs. Dylan also sent art:

I'm excited to see where this goes! Thanks to everyone who has sent in ideas.

Please share this post with your friends, especially those with kids with wild imaginations, and thanks for visiting RMSC!


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