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Finish the Scene: Martha!!!

the cat and dog are mildly curious as well.

This poor man just looked out his front window and saw something that caused him to freak out and scream these words. "Oh no! Martha!!! What is that?!!!"

Here is your assignment: Finish this scene. Ask your kid what he/she sees, what is freaking him out so much. Is Martha out there? Maybe. Maybe he is just yelling to her. Maybe he just likes saying Martha a lot. I don't care. I want your kid's idea for what happens in the very next shot when I reveal what is happening outside.

I do not know. I want you t tell me. I'll draw my favorite results once they come in and post them up. I have a feeling this is going to be awesome.

Please submit on the submit page, especially if your kids have any drawings (highly encouraged) and please share this post with your friends who have kids as well. Can't wait!


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