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Big Story Chapter 2: Jungle Forest Power

Here we are already in chapter two of our Big Story. I'm ready for you guys to start thinking of a name for this story. Throw me your ideas. Last time, in Chapter 1, we learned about the Cherry family. Now we learn about where they live. Thanks to all our contributors, and to their parents for taking the time to ask questions and send the answers to me. If you enjoy this site please share it and subscribe.

Chapter Two:

Jungle Forest Power

The Cherry Family recently moved to the forest in Northern California because they are actually a super family and they get their power from the forest jungle. (Parveneh, age 5)

They live in a forest near a small town that is good at keeping secrets, which is good, because they have many of them.

(Tatym, age 7)

After they built a huge heat-proof solar station to house Sun, their pet sun (Alexander, age 8), they got to work building their family tree house, inspired by Tarzan. (Fasika, age 8)

To celebrate moving into their new home, they threw a big party in the forest (Cash, age 3 and a half). People brought gifts, but there was one gift that Shooter opened that contained something that totally freaked him out...


So my number question this time is: what is in the box?

Here are some more questions...

  • Now that the Cherry's have moved, what is the first big thing they do together?

  • Are there any bad guys from their past who are trying to find them?

  • Do they run into any trouble in their new home?

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, sharing, and submitting ideas.


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