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Chapter 1: Meet the Cherry Family

So, I gave you a picture of a normal family and had you ask a few questions about them to your kids, and now I'm excited for you to see just how crazy our story already is.

Thanks to everyone who was willing to sit down with their kids, ask them questions and send them to me. I present to you...

Chapter One:

The Cherry Family

This is the Cherry Family.

Their last name is Cherry (Fasika, age 8)

They recently moved to the forest in Northern California. (Aiden, age 5) They live outside and sleep outside (Cash, age 3 and a half) but plan on building a house like Tarzan. (Fasika, age 8)

The parents are Steve and Martha (Tatym, age 7)

Steve works as a mechanic on cars and airplanes. (Tatym, age 7)

He also does some voice acting on the side. (Fasika, age 8)

Martha is a stay at home mom until dad comes home. Then she needs to "Run Errands" (she's a crime fighter). (Tatym, age 7)

Emily is their daughter. (Fasika, age 8)

She has an abnormally large pet hamster named Banana. (Aiden, age 5)

He loves to roll around in his hamster ball. (Cash, age 3 and a half)

Both Emily and Banana have secrets.

Emily is actually a super hero known as the Sonic Scream (James, age 6)

Banana got his name because he goes crazy when something bad happens (he goes bananas) (Mason, age 7)

When he goes bananas he grows huge and he eats people. Except he doesn't have hands. (Cash, age 3 and a half)

He is actually an alien hamster. On his planet, he was the most powerful creature, but some other aliens tried to destroy him, but they accidentally set their lasers to "grow" instead of destroy. (Mason, age 7)

Emily's brother's name is Shooter. (Cash, age 3 and a half)

He is a science guy and he has a tiny talking pet abominable snowman. (Tatym, age 7)

The Cherry family has one other pet named Sun. (Aiden, age 5)

Their pet Sun is a real sun. (Tatym, age 7)

That's all for now! So what happens next? Ask your kids. This chapter already opens up a lot of questions. For instance...

  • where do they keep their pet Sun, the Sun?

  • How did they end up with an alien hamster?

  • What kind of crime fighter is Martha?

  • What voices does Steve do?

You don't have to ask these, they are just ideas. Ask anything! The big question is what happens next, now that we know they have all moved to a forest and live outside. Do they run into any trouble? I'm excited to find out.

One thing I have noticed is I really appreciate the submissions that come in via the Submit form on the submit page. So I will say this, people who use the submission form will get first priority. Thanks for participating with me and with your kids. We did it! We made Chapter 1! -Ethan

Please be aware of our submission policy when suggesting content.


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