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Meat Unicorn!

I saw my friend, Amy post this image that her daughter, Penny drew of a meat eating unicorn. It was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to feature on this site. Here is the original:

I talked to Amy and she got me some more info on Penny's magnificent beast. I took Penny's further information on the Meat Unicorn and was inspired to do a little art with it.

The Meat Unicorn

by PenNY M.

My unicorn is no ordinary unicorn, she is a meat unicorn. She only eats meat.

She has two cables of sharp teeth. Her favorite kind of meat is dinosaur meat. She eats them and crunches up their bones then spits out the tiny hard pieces.

She also has an extra leg so she can gallop super fast and fly.

Her name is Sunshine.

Sunshine lets me ride on her and pet her. I can pet her anywhere but her horn because it is super sharp.

She wasn't born eating meat. When she was little she ate things like spiders. But when she growed up she went to Australia and ate some dinosaurs and liked it so much.

If she can't find any dinosaur meat, she will look and look all over Australia until she finds some. If she still can't find any she will eat bugs or salamanders and lizards to get by until she finally finds some more dinosaur meat.

Her magic horn shoots out rainbows. That's how she lets me know where she is so I can find her and hop on.

Her magic horn lights the way to Magic Unicorn Land. You can only see Magic Unicorn Land if Sunshine lights the way and wants to show you.

The End.

Do you have an awesome drawing by a kid? Submit it here.

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