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The Cherry family saves the lonely cat man

This is the first story created by me and a group of kids here on Rocket Monster Story Club. All I did was post a picture of this family and kids started sending in their ideas. 

Story by

Fasika, age 8

Cash, age 3

Tatym, age 7

Aiden, age 5

James, age 6

Mason, age 7

Parveneh, age 5

Jenna, age 11

Xander, age 4

Chloe, age 4

Ally, age 10

Madilyn, age 7

Grant, age 7

Ryan, age 5

Ezra, age 6

(Slideshow version not available in mobile) Read the original posts below to see drawings submitted, who submitted each of the ideas, and how the whole story came together. To start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom of the page.

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