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What do you think so far?

You can now read the entire Cherry Family Saves the Lonely Cat Man story in a simple slideshow. Check it out! (doesn't work on mobile) Please share it, especially if your kids were involved.

Now that we have completed our first story and I have a few weeks of posts done, I would love your feedback. This site is an experiment, an idea that feels like it could work but I have never seen anything like it done the way I am trying to do it. It is a total one man show right now, and I am working on multiple other things while I update nearly daily, so I am having to keep it simple. I am no web design wizard, that is for sure.

Here are some things I would love honest feedback on...

  • The comments section is rarely used. Why do you think this is?

  • Do you find your kids want to come back to the site? What is their reaction to the content?

  • Do you read the emails that come out, or do they go to spam?

  • Does the site load OK? Does it navigate well?

  • Are there things you think would improve your experience?

I would love any feedback you have to offer. You can email me or comment below. Thanks so much for your time, and for visiting this web site.


Please be aware of our submission policy when suggesting content.


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